[Seoul] : White Cafe

I have no idea what this cafe was called but it definitely was just one of the random cafe’s we walked into in Seoul. Basically 70% of the cafes are nicely themed as most of the students usually chill in these places to study for an upcoming exam or to chit chat. It’s very important to have a really comfortable setting in your cafe as these people usually sit in for hours.

I loved the cafe’s in Seoul when I was still studying there, simply because it’s usually very peaceful – like some study cafes you might see in KL. Basically, it’s like all their cafe’s are study cafes!

This particular one that I walked into was completely white washed and the amount of white in the place was almost blinding. It’s like you just walked into an area of fresh snow – if only they had fluorescent lights it would be completely white. Good thing they had installed yellow lights to lessen the eye pain – although just by a little bit.

Upon walking in


Couples usually like to snuggle up with the curtain draped down.

Overlook of the private rooms

White cream cakes

We ordered this to share, some really good drink pfft.

The best thing was that we get a slice of cake totally free if we purchase a cup of anything.

Not to mention, it wasn’t just the low cost pandan sponge cakes. We could choose from a wide range of quality cakes – but we chose tiramisu, which was perfectto considering the fact that I’m not a fan of confectioneries.

Spying on me drooling over the phone

That’s me idolozing Dawn’s phone. I love long lean flip phones. LOVE!

Good function! Directly mirrored self cam convenience!

Lollipop I’m gonna getchu.

Part 2 : JJ Lin Malaysia 2010

Thanks to SUPER <3

The stage set up

The crowd waiting outside the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square. Got there shortly after the Meet & Greet session.

The corner selling CDs. RM 50 for 5 CD’s, or was it?

Vivien and Jamie bought a RM 45 album for him to sign. I, as usual, tak mahu beli so I waited for them while they queued up for an autograph.

We waited for another 15-20 minutes before the host went up on stage.

He came closer to give out some posters

Apparently, someone who was JJ Lin’s junior launched the event. He sounded pretty good, but had a striking similiarity with JJ’s singing method.

I know its all about proffesionalism but its so funny when they got up the stage and greeted each other like it was their first time. Cute ‘hidden’ theory of the media.

Ni hao ni hao

“I have grown alot more good looking over the past years”

JJ came closer to us as we were at the second section of the audience grouping. It was the SUPER ZONE area.

Vivien, Nat, Jamie – credits to saimatkong

Giving out some autographs

Ah Beng, Ah Lian and Gu Niang pfft – credits to saimatkong

Simon taking a photo of us three pfft.

Fisheye supposed to make funny face but they make pretty face except for me wuuu. – credits to Joshua

WE CAN HAZ HAPPY FACE! – credits to Joshua

Vivien’s turn! I’m like a momma taking a photo of her child on stage pfft

Her album! I have no idea why didn’t a take a photo of the autograph /dies/

Here’s a video for wraps!

Dia adalah orang yang jump out dari album.

Part 1 : JJ Lin Malaysia 2010

Hello people!

I just got back from JJ Lin’s private Meet and Greet session along with his fansign event. All thanks to Vivien for inviting me and Nuffnang for the tickets! Well, whenever it comes to Chinese music only four people come to mind and JJ is no doubt one of them. Which four, if you ask. It’d always be Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, David Tao and JJ Lin. I always look at them like they are the new 4 Big Kings of our generation.

My close friends would know that I am actually a big Jay Chou supporter (won’t call myself a fan), but I have to admit that JJ’s live singing is actually alot better then the other 3 mentioned. I think they compose better songs at certain times but JJ’s singing always make up to the melody of his songs and they always turn out heavenly.

So although we aren’t exactly JJ’s most loyal fan, we still went with open and giddy hearts. We know how lucky we were to have had the access to this meet and greet session because hundreds or thousands were waiting in Times Square for his autograph session while he was comfortably chit chatting away with the small crowd up in the room.

JJ was a little late as the Meet&Greet session was supposed to be at 6PM and the autograph session at 7PM but he was only over at our place at 7PM so the rest infront of Times Square were waiting like sweaty pigs. No worries because we were bribed with a really comfortable environment with a friendly host (actually they gave us alot of snacks so teehee)

The crew and fanclubs waiting outside the room at Times Square Hotel Level 14

Vivien and Jamie. I purposely squat down to take this photo so that they look taller weehee!

The plate outside the room.

Fanclub members. I like how the Chinese music industry has alot of male fans for male singers. It’s so heart warming to see them share the same passion as the girls pfft.

Inilah Vivien yang berpartner dengan me!

MYfm host waiting for JJ’s arrival

The goodie bags had 2 big packets of SUPER coffee, 2 SUPER cup noodles and some other refreshments. I love these sponsors!

Partner in crime 24/7 aku.

The room, there were medias, fanclubs and general invites I guess?

Now with Jamie, who is so funny! She went up to JJ and said “I love you T_T”
Omg when I heard that my bulu roma all came up pfft.

Nuffnangs bloggers semua!<3 @NuffnangMY please!

Jessy, Joshua, Guest, CityGirl, Simon

Ini Tzia pull back all her hair also face so small PFFT. So I chose a photo out of the many that we took. This was the smallest face one I can get but blur pfft.

Preparing for arrival
Finally it was time for JJ to come so the host came and talk to us for abit, asking us to think of some questions to ask JJ when he arrives.

The minute he came, a small boy got his attention from the small crowd because he was almost in the same attire as JJ for the day! So the small boy got invited to take photos with JJ and he got his first celebrity moment teehee.

Being interviewed
While the host was chatting with the fans before JJ walked in, he got news that he hasn’t been in KL for 107 days so when JJ walked in he used the same information and said “So JJ, you haven’t been in KL for 107 days!” Resourceful fans are always good!

Solo shots of him while he was being interviewed.

The only thing I most prominently remember of him talking about during the interview session was “Love is hard”. He expressed about how he hates the feeling of a break up. He also lightly touched on his hardships as a singer, how there was a dark phase during his career. His health problems, and his direction in life. Behind the scenes of the song ‘How Many 100 Days’.

I always like JJ for his laid back personality, a big contrast from other big shot stars despite his status in the Chinese music industry.

Us with JJ




To be continued with Part II

COMMFEST by Taylors S.O.C





Hello guys!

Alot of people have been asking me what is it exactly that I’m studying now. They keep hearing Mass Communication, Mass Communications but have no exact idea on what it really is. Basically, on literal translation to simple language it really is just communication at a mass. Meaning, on conveying messages or agendas to a large public. It’s all about communicating with the public – be it the media, general publics or other organizations for your own firm that you are representing.

Especially now that I have chosen Public Relations, the more I have to focus on people managing and wrapping up my messages to these targets nicely before I say anything for any organisation that I may represent in future. So for this semester, we’ve been put into a full course assignment of organising a project for a real client.

A little different from the previous semesters, this time we are assigned to this project together with Propassion of Sem 6 which makes the whole event alot more exciting than it ever was. Previously it was only Media Carnival for this course, but this time with Propassion we will have Mas Colympics as well! MasColympics is an athletic event where us youths participate in all the different varieties of games and such so it will be such a sweaty and exciting place to be at. Imagine all the youthfulness on the day of the event!

COMMFEST has now been drawn up for the 29th of October and it will consist of Mass Colympics, Media Carnival (food and shopping bazaar!) and not forgetting FEELosophy – the main highlight of our Media Carnival!

So much has been put up into schedule but we have so little time to coordinate everything and make sure nothing goes wrong so now I’m putting up a long shout-out here for your participance in our event since it will be a real project and nothing short of a real major public event!

I’ll update you more on the whole event but for now I will need to dig your attention for two things!

As credited


There are only 15 slots available so if you’d like to reserve a slot at only RM 100 from 9AM to 2PM over at the brand new Taylors Lakeside campus!

There are about 10,000 students in the Taylors Lakeside Campus so you need not worry about getting underexposed! It’s the perfect chance to promote your shops in within this youths on this day. There will be external crowds coming in for the event below so you should grab the spots while they last!!

Please email lifemediacarnival@yahoo.com for more details or to apply!


Also alerting all enthusiastic dancers to come audition for FEELosophy with RM 1800 cash prizes up for grabs!

Taylors College SOC will be organizing a DANCE COMPETITION on the October 29th!
There will be cash prizes up to RM1800 to be walked away! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
All you have to do is, just contact us asap to book your slot!


Dates : 24th of September 2010

Time : 11AM

Venue : Experimental Theater, Taylors Lakeside Campus

Registration fees : RM 30 per team.

To inquire or to locate a slot for the auditions, please email feelosophylife@yahoo.com

Email us: feelosophylife@yahoo.com
What are the requirements?
As long as you’re aged between 17 to 30 years old, you’re more than welcomed to participate!
How many group members can I have?
It’s all up to you. Max. up to 7 members.
How long must my danceĀ choreographed?
Up to you as well. As long as it does not exceed 4 mins.
Do I need to pay?
Yes, there will be registration fee: RM30
#Registration Fee is not refundable.

Email subject should be referred to as “APPLICATION FOR FEELOSOPHY : GROUP/SOLO”

Main Event(Finals)

10 teams will proceed to the FEELosophy finals, judged by special guest judges – to be revealed.

Date: 29th October 2010

Time : 11AM-2.30PM

Venue : Amphitheater, Taylors Lakeside Campus

3 In 1

Remember the friend with from the motorcyclist confusion!

Here are some photos from our meeting last week. I met Shin Ichiro in Seoul but it’s so funny to realise that our communication language is only Korean when none of us are natives. He came to KL alone, finally after his fascination of Malaysia even since back then when we met him.

He would ask us about the Twin Towers and even say a Malay phrase or two. So passionate about this country so he was really looking forward to come to KL! Sam and I had a great time spending some hours off with him but it was too bad that we couldn’t accomodate to him throughout his whole trip because he came on such a short note šŸ™

Brought him to Stevens Corner (Pandan Indah Branch).

He loved Roti Canai soo much and was hoping not to leave forevah just because of it pfft.

Sam, Shinichiro, Nat

This was at Madam Kwan’s over at Pavillion. He loved Nasi Lemak.

Sam forced him to try the cili padi. He was sooooo terrified at first so he put the cili padi straight into his throat and swallowed it teehee. Then he thought it was not too bad so he tried more and more and was finally said “Woah, so it wasn’t anything big!” until the spiciness kicked in and he suddenly shouted “AHHH SPICY!!!”

Chillax over at La Bodega with Sam’s family before he took off to Masjid Jamek and Chinatown..ALL BY HIMSELF with public transportation.

Believe it or not, this Japanese actually said “Your public transportation is so convenient”. Now that’s something we don’t get to hear much. We all complain about how inconvenient it is all the time and how Singapore or Japan is better. In the face!

This time with only Sam.

That’s a Bonamana poster for Vivien from the album I tolong her buy when I was in Seoul. That was like 2.5 months ago! Actually I packed evyerhting and when I was leaving for the airport it was raining so I hastily left it on the rack while trying to tie my shoes PFFT. When I realised I wasn’t holding it on the bus on the way to the airport, I knew Sam is going to kill me because she will have to carry it all the way back for me. Boo! Sorry Sam but thanks for taking it back for me Teehee.