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Hello everybody!

2015 has been quite quiet so far, and I’ve just been enjoying and resting before I take on another chapter in life (will share this when this is set in stone!). Besides that, I have been really clearing out my system and just really trying to get the fact that 2015 is FINALLY here. It’s that feeling when you are getting used to a new environment and suddenly you have to move cause its time (referring to the years here). I mean honestly, who’s still writing 2014 in your dates! I’ve written so many dates this year and they are usually “4th January 2014, 15th January 2014″.

So what’s been different this year? This year I’m opening myself to a lot more things. Previously, I shoved away a couple of ad hoc jobs because I had a 9-6 job although they were good offers.This year I want to improve on managing my time better, and moving ahead with more multi tasking. It’s not something I am naturally good at – but it is a challenge that I think is time to bring upon myself!

I have also started to do vlogging because I realized switching on a camera and talking is easier than remembering details to write down in a blog. I’m still coming back, but vlogging is a good alternative to what keeping memories and ideas fresh and visual. Hence, I’ve done some housekeeping to my channel (that has been there for years and years!) and released it fresh with my having done vlogs for the past three weeks already. But I’m having a little bit of a struggle because second week was when my camera broke down on me and I had to opt for my phone at times, which affected the quality of sound. Finally I managed to fix it (by hitting the lens – that’s crazy!) and now Windows Movie Maker is giving me LOADS of problems. It wouldn’t connect my clips smoothly, and would buffer 0.5 seconds before moving on the next clip – which is a complete editing nightmare! But beggars can’t be choosers, I just decided to take it on and churn out weekly vlogs as much as possible. Saving is a hassle too, cause my computer won’t process 1080 quality videos for me, and the next alternative was to save them in 480. First world problems, really.

With that being said, I’m also set on probably changing out my laptop because this one has been serving me loyally for many many years now but I just can’t seem to get anything done with it past Photoshop (with just one working file). It’s a very basic student laptop but I absolutely loved how wide the screen is (16 inch?!). Not trying to sell it, probably just replacing one of the EVEN more old laptops that’s sitting around in my house so somebody can make good use of it. I tried rebooting and restoring it to its original factory settings to see if performance would improve. I would do that, and revisit certain sites to see that my passwords and information are still being stored! (Even after cleaning out temp files, caches and whatnot). I can’t deal with technology – just don’t know how to wipe these data out so I figured the best way would still have it serve my family – just in silence.

One of the more interesting facts lately, is that I realized my Youtube subscription list has been growing on two things that I have never ever paid attention to! Food, and occasionally make up! Is this a real smack of adulthood? Food and cooking has been getting me real good though. The under 5 minute tutorials on how to make food that looks better than those you get in hipster cafes in Bangsar – man, makes me really wanna pounce on woks and pans in the middle of the night. Make up, well – I still don’t understand so many things, but I just realize I enjoy looking people making themselves look good and having flawless skin. I’ve known about Michelle Phan since long ago, but never knew that since then – SO many beauty gurus have popped up on Youtube, and some funny and interesting ones too!

That’s pretty much what has been happening lately. For those who wants to have a glimpse at my daily vlogs – I’ve put them down below in chronological order. This week has been pretty dull so I haven’t really got to vlog anything yet. Hopefully I see you guys there. If you’re kind enough, to leave a comment in the video – and subscribe too! Can’t imagine being able to talk to all of you through Youtube!

This week’s vlog goes into the amazing eat outs, our birthday surprise for Nick, my 2015 resolution and probably some kiwi cutting.

Painted my 13-15 year old room to another colour this week. Quite sentimental for me because I truly loved my old colour!

I share my thoughts on the latest kpop skinship fiasco with B1A4, more painting in the house, meeting ex colleagues, getting to Bentong for a one day trip AND MORE.


That’s all for today guys!


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Best Bibimbap in Ampang! (HALAL)

Recently discovered one of the most legit tasting Korean food in Ampang. I have yet to try ALL Korean restaurants, but among all of them – this one has GOT to take the care for being one of the best I have tasted so far. They don’t serve barbecue (which is GREAT if we’re not feeling BBQ) so girls, you don’t have to worry about that freshly washed hair! Came to this restaurant because it was introduced by my Korean teacher, Gloria – and I had to bring my family here. They LOVE it. My mom is quite a picky eater, and although she does like all the other restaurants we usually go to – this is the only one that has made her continuously comment on how good the food is. The taste here resembles the taste in Seoul the MOST among the rest of the restaurants I’ve been to.

So many people ask me where the best bibimbap is. You have no idea. Actually I think the only fact that I’ve lived in Seoul for abit makes me the most legit person to go to among my friends when it comes to Korean related stuff. I’m not going to deny that, I probably will do that to somebody else who has lived in Japan. Ask if the food in each restaurant is good, cause we all want the best. But I wonder if anybody actually goes to somebody who has lived in the U.K for the best fish and chips in KL? Hmm.

Anyway, I don’t have much to share – just going to show you some photos of the few things I always order when I’m there so you know what to order. The owners are Koreans but they speak decent English, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate. Also, I have to say – if you don’t like this place, you probably don’t like how real Korean food tastes like because this is the closest I have found so far! Best part is that is Halal too!

So where is this super special good place?

AMPANG POINT. Level 3. Its called Gangnam Gimbap!

They have a takeaway gimbap service so if you don’t have much time on the clock, just pop your head in and ask for your preferred choice of gimbap and you are good to go!


A sneak peek to how the menu looks like



We ordered chicken gimbap. But the most basic one is also quite good. I personally like beef gimbap, but I have yet to try that for myself. If the ones here is great, it is going to become my favorite Korean restaurant after Uncle Jang!



Dwenjang Jjigae // Soybean Paste Stew. Usually people don’t like the taste of this, but because my brother’s a big fan of this – he always orders this every Korean restaurant he goes to. And he gives this one a thumbs up too. There are some seafood and tofu inside :)



Did not try this for myself because I don’t eat capsicums (or probably anything that is cooked with it). Mom said the sesame taste to the dish was quite strong. Koreans love sesame oil in their food – so be ready for it!



And my favorite bibimbap in KL! It is so simply, but the sauce is the main factor as to why its so good. It’s almost exactly how it is in Korea, and the egg yolk just melts into the rice so everything just taste extra yummy. Bibimbap is a very healthy rice dish that gives you a good amount of vege to kick start your day. If you’re into the stone pot one, they have that too for an extra RM 1! This bibimbap was RM 15.

DSC04098Another  dish I love from this restaurant is their kimchi jjigae. I have another favorite when it comes to this (and must say that I still like the one in another restaurant better) but this was pretty good itself because it didn’t have that diluted tomato paste taste to it that many, many Korean restaurants tend to have. I think stews have largely to do with the kimchi that the restaurant uses, and Gangnam Gimbab’s kimchi is GOOD!

That’s all for today’s post – and if anybody is curious how the food looks like in real life, check out my latest vlog HERE!

Hope you guys will love this place :)


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The Best Job (And Colleagues) Ever!

Hello everybody.


Not sure if any of you have noticed – but for anyone who follows me on social media may realize that I have been absolutely in love with my job. Everytime somebody asks me how is it doing, I am more than happy to share with them this blessed job I have chanced upon! Everything in here is amazing from the start to the end. I just want to share with you guys on how great my first proper job has been, and not only limiting it to people who ask, because everybody deserves to know that not every job is supposed to make you feel like you should have Monday Blues. You really just need to love everything around you when its awesome, and always stay grounded and appreciative. That will make you realize so much more of what you have.

I applied for this job right after I finished my Mandarin course in Beijing. I wasn’t the type that wanted to hang around for too long doing nothing. How did I apply? The one reason why I did what I did was because I was already a user of KT, and was more than delighted to see that it was finally come to Malaysia to be introduced to the mass crowd. The company didn’t have a direct email, so I did a little more research and found that the brand was brought into the country under a huge online portal company. I just wrote in customer’s service of the parent company and stated that I wanted a job in KT – not expecting anything. Who applies for a job through CS? Especially amidst all the emails that may come in for such a prestigious company. Me.

And I got a reply – asking me to come in for interview. I did. And I got the job. Little did I know that the team was just starting to build and they were JUST looking to hire. This was a sign for me that everything was about to be super fabulous – nobody gets THIS lucky. It was almost a dream job.

First day of work, I walked in the office not knowing what to expect. I was dressed in heels and formal wear. My first worry was probably what every person with a new job has to worry about – who will I have lunch with? I walked in the office slowly being introduced to everybody in the office, and then specifically my team. They were two girls, one was new and the other was a long term employee. Meet Jocelyn and Alexa. In fear of having to eat alone, I initiated for lunch with the girls – didn’t even give them a chance to reject I just asked “So where should we go for lunch!”. This is a 101 for you people out there who don’t want to feel so lonely on your first day. It should work! And if it doesn’t, you sure know who to not mingle with in the future!

Moving forward, we grew from a small team of 3 to 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – inclusive of a cool intern! We started as an All-Girl’s team, but numbers started changing from the 5th person – how turned out to be the world’s MOST patient Graphic Designer anybody can EVER ask for. He is the only one in the team, and with all the fast moving workload we have, you can only imagine his hands and dedication to be as quick. Anything that we ask for – “Caaaannnnn”.

I’m just going to show you photos from my whole journey so far with the company and share with you different stories about what has happened and the different projects we have done. You will probably know who I’ve been working for – but that’s alright, because it IS an amazing place that people needs to know about. Pictures speak more than words. I’m about to introduce you to the greatest team that anybody may ever have as colleagues. They have now genuinely become the people I turn to, my real family other from my blood related ones. Each and everyone of them made the team so special to work with, and my job so enjoyable throughout the times I’ve been here.

Photos may not be in chronological order, and in blurry photo quality – but this deserves the amount of photos that is stuffed in this one post. And I write this with all sincerity. People ask me what I do – I do many many things in this small team. But one of the things I do every single day, without fail – is to be happy. Sounds cliche, but THAT is the reality in my job my industry. That’s the mobile industry we’re looking at. I think what makes my job fun has got to do with the mentality of everyone who comes in as colleague. We work and get things done, but realize that doesn’t mean slaving away to OT hours and not getting happiness out of it. We even came to a point and talked about Monday Blues just to see who has it.

Nobody did.

That’s how much we really love working where we work! Waking up everyday, looking forward to see everybody. Will just do captions to remember the times!


When the office was just rented out and we could only wish for it to start renovating soon!


 When our desks where still super clean and just moved in


When the wallpapers were up and we had a complete office – the joy!


Looks like a little kindergarten, and probably not in the books of many corporate people whose quality of work seems to be determined by how the colours of the walls may look like – but it made all of us so excited to head to work everyday.


As it was my first job, starting off wasn’t easy, but when you have a group of people your age – it makes the equation so much more easier to figure out. We had an All-Girls team in the beginning!



When all the girls in the office (ALL) decided to go on an eat clean week and ordered extremely expensive healthy food that tasted yuck.


When we could hang out at a make up store to do quick events one weekends and enjoy the rest of the days having dinner together.

For those who wonder, I am officially hired as a Communications Executive. That sounds vague, right? I guess it’s cause it IS a vague job. My company is a chatting app entity, and is one of the leading chat apps with the rest that you already know. What do I do? I work with local artists and talents to develop emoticons for you to buy and use (or get for free at times!). Most of the time, I will be first stages of review of the artwork before we send it to the HQ. So yes, fellow artists, the size of the cup held in your character’s hands matter to me. I have learned to look at emoticons at an entirely different level.

Is that ALL I do? Of course now. I work with partnerships and marketing as well – and do alot of the copywriting. What makes my job interesting is that we get to meet all different brands and line in the market right now. The fact that we are working to market a chatting app makes it even more interesting because we can fit ourselves to ANY industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re F&B, Fashion, Car Wash, Tranportation, Government etc. We always can come in – and that is were I start meeting people of all sorts in many industries to listen and understand how all their industry works from the inside. Now that’s a real inside scoop. With this job, I’ve learnt heard and seen an incredible amount of things. It amazes me how much more information is being untouched and kept safe within the industries. Prepare to be shocked at times because there are industries hmmm i post the blog in less than half an hour my traffic for today 300+ but  you never knew existed that is making loads of moolah!


When I got to work with amazing local artists such as Akiraceo to make emoticons with us


When I got to visit the office of the legendary Gempak Starz!


When you go out for desserts with your colleagues after work because you love spending time together! (Not for PR purposes!)


When nobody is full after lunch, and decide to have Crepe trips in the mall.


When all your colleagues are animated as you can be


When colleagues are cool enough to do things like these from home and pull on the people having birthdays! Troll level 999.


When we got some youths to help out with the homeless to do some charity work


When we got treated doughnuts by Wawan ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY

KakaoTalk_20141128_123335815When your deskmate accepts your for the ostrich side of you choosing to work this way


When you get to visit cool offices of partners and affiliates. Agencies and corporates : bet you didn’t guess that that kindergarten office I have opens up gates to many cool people and offices :)



When you deal with all these fluffiness as an everyday experience. I was never into cute and character-y stuff, but living day  by day with these characters has turned me into somebody different. I can officially declare that I appreciate cuteness more.


When you get your debts demanded this way by your colleagues instead of the awkward “Oh, uhm..did you pay me back for lunch last week?”



When you can just grab anything from your desk and still manage to grab an excuse to take a selfie with.


When we were brought to Universal Studios in Singapore for a company trip!


When Joce and I just started  getting to know each other. This bus ride was a horrific experience because we both found out that we were sharing a room and NONE of us was a light sleeper. We suspected we may not back the bus back because there’s a high possibilty of us oversleeping.


 When you get to bring this awkward duck home as a gift!


When you get an even greater souvenier by the HQ counterparts – perfect minimalist notebooks!


 When I finally got to be IN a suit. Have always wanted to try this. No I wasn’t hired to be the person, as you may notice I was too tall and big for the kid sized suit.

KakaoTalk_20141128_123119270When you CEO is thoughtful and gets you and your team of of these little bananas. Guess which I took?


When we were out for our first on-ground event. This was a true ice breaker!


When you get to get some yummy nom noms.

KakaoTalk_20141128_123117151When the team comes together to bring a little surprise although we weren’t close at all!


 When you have to get to desperate attempts of making cut out props – and still manage to come through although you suck so bad in art!


When mid-day team ice cream treats are a reward when you work in a mall


To be able to witness a launch at this scale and to know people are with you on this journeyKakaoTalk_20141128_124013072

 When we wanted to  be a little funky in the office and decided it was animal themed day!


 When I passed this little pot to my colleague to take care while I was gone, and she got SO into it that she teared when it died and fell.


They also gather at odd times for a pot of BudaeJjigae you make, and eat everything up with smiles. Just like your own family.


When we got to hire these little cool machines for work :)


Working with them always feels like this


 You also get to do so many creative partnerships with local talents.


 When you just know to strike a pose when one lifts a camera up


 When we go through such extends and hide for a long period just to surprise a birthday boy! Alexa even got her her stuck in the zipper.


When we appreciate fun in work


When you are privileged to go up in the sky and experience this for yourself


Definitely a good experience that I’d probably never get to do a second time.


When you colleague will pretend to strike a pose for you so you can take photo of that cutie you want to show everybody


When you get discouraged and hot at a busy event, but one of us will come comfort and talk to you


When you get to learn so much about freelance girls with ushering jobs and mother henning


 When we got to stay together for that event in Putrajaya


 When we went out for the first time at night and found out how everybody is when they are tipsy. That’s a whole new level of getting to know each other.


 When you realize all your colleagues are actually good looking!


 When it’s the first week of a new colleague’s entry but you already feel super attached!


When you just feel the need to attend a debrief even if that means you’re not in the office. You want to be involved in everything!

 When we got to experience FMFA 2014!




Visiting campuses and reflecting on the journey from tertiary days.


When we received these little tokens from partners


When it comes to lunch, we always went to lunch together. All 10 of us! (This photo excludes Kylie and Fadz who was MIA)


 When its not just you who find selfies like these fun in the moment. Looking back, pretty lame.


 When this is our office pantry – we get these amazing hampers and just can’t wait to gobble off of em upp!


 When you get lucky blessings like these in the office on CNY




Coming up with different themes for our Instagram posts


There are also times when we get a little too lazy to grab lunch so we go on a Boost date.


We ALWAYS celebrate each other’s birthdays :)


 Work is not ALWAYS full of smiles – sometimes we have to lug and push inventories from storage or lorries that drive them over. But everybody offers a hand, and we make the best out of the sweaty paths.


There are times when we argue and do not agree with each other, but make sure to apologize and hold hands on the same day.


Lunch, lunch, lunch


Hello Syazwan


Hello Jocelyn


Hello Alexa


Hello Nick.


Hello Noel



Christmas last year on our comfy bean bag section of the office!








We meet outside work for Breakout/Escape Room because there’s NO such thing as TOO MANY meet ups. Time for a break from work, means more free time to have fun with the peeps off professional bars.


Let’s just say it’s not often you get a guy colleague who is more narcissistic that you, and always looks better for the camera. This means he understands the several times you want to have a retake!


Being able to give away different prizes to loyal users also makes all our hearts very fuzzy.



You get kind reminders that you have been fraped.



Different kind of events everywhere


I was also able to meet different personalities.

Every moment and time in my job has been super blissful and happy. There have been times when the entire team is down with certain bumps in the journey of our work, but we go through things together. Although the images above depict a very carefree and easy job, but I’m just here to clarify that there is no need to bring the difficult to surface. What’s most important that we all have our specific roles, and it was a blessing that everybody gelled so well with each other. We were honest, without being too blunt with each other.

And with this post, I’d just like to remind everybody that your job can be fun, depending on the way and aspects you choose to focus on. The people around you are important, but if everybody gives in a step and try to come together – this is what you get, a family! Kakao has given me more than a job. It has given me a group of friends I will cherish for a long, long, time.

And that, is the best kind of job anybody can ever get.

And for those who is still isn’t convinced how cool of a bunch this, check out this random video we took during lunch!

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How To Ease Your Christmas Gift Shopping!

Christmas is here! Christmas is here!


All our gifts before we unwrap! Had a great time out with my friends from work (yes, they are too close to me to just be labelled colleagues!) do do Secret Santa. We did one session last year, when there was just five us in the team. This time round we have 10 of us all from top to toe and it was even better because instead of drawing lots with shredded paper, we used the super useful Secret Santa helper website called Secret Santa Organizer.

It is super recommended for anybody who is looking to buy presents for each other because it comes with a list for you to edit to help you tell your Santa what’s on your wishlist so you don’t be too disappointed. Some people still get photo frames nowadays, not that I don’t appreciate it – but it really is just a little too thoughtless for Christmas guys.

It’s almost like a note to the receiver saying “Here is me telling you that I don’t really care about getting you a gift”.

For those who are curious as to how Secret Santa Organizer works, a main admin adds all of the participants into the list and then the system just randomly selects your recipient for you. You will be able to edit your wishlists from time to time (with a time limitation before date of event). It helps alot because you will be able to sort of grasp what is useful for your recipient, so you don’t end up buying random gifts that may end up in the shelves for the next 5 years. When it was finalized, this was what I saw on the site when I logged in.

My surprise recipient was…..



For those who are curious as to how you get to put in stuff in your wishlist, here is a sample of my wishlist.

It’s just a glimpse of how things work with the site and you can see I was very detailed ad specific (and I would choose to say helpful) with my gifts. Super demanding Natalie right here. Must be big boxes la, big lines la, grapes also must be Korean la.  But yes you get the idea. You get to edit your wishlist from time to time and the site notifies your Secret Santa each time you edit the page.


Our budget for the exchange was a minimum of RM 30 and maximum of RM 50, just so we can put a bit of thought into it. Had our secret meetup at Hokkaido Ichiba at Gardens. We had about 10 of us so we decided to take the room (at no extra charge!) so it could be a little private.

FYI, this isn’t a team building session. We made it a point to meet up every now and then outside work. Can’t repeat how many times I have to say I’m so happy to have met this group of people I can REALLY call my own friends.


 The early comers – we had ourselves dressed in Christmas colours. Ai phing chose a yellow because that was the most festive color attire she could find in her closet. Nick was writing a card to the recipient of his gift with his left hand so it wouldn’t be obvious.


 We also brought wrappers and photos from our Wall of Fame in the office to just talk about what has happened throughout the year. Everybody had to share their most memorable event so far with the company.


Syazwan and Mei Fenn meeting after a long time! We still find ways to work together even after we parted ways so its super surreal to just be together as one again!


First class dinner view over a construction site pfft.


 My part-time carpool buddy Jocelyn. She drops by my house almost every morning now that my guard greets her by her name.

“Good Morning Jocelyn”. I doubt he even recognizes me at all.


Love round tables because we can all carry the same conversation.


Everyone had to leave their fully disguised gifts in our own Kakao bags so nobody can recognize the Santa wrapper.


Got a little fuzzy inside when I saw that Mei Fenn had our photo as her wallpaper. #truelove


In every social event there will be an anti social session where everybody is just stuck with devices.

At this point of time, my device was the camera.


 Some came with their gifts wrapped in their own so they all had to wrap theirs again in another corner.

We all brought tape wrappers and extra bags just incase cause we KNEW people would come unprepared.


Our designated wrapping corner pfft


 It’s time to give the presents – while waiting for the food!

Wawan self elected himself to be the real Santa this time round.


The rest of the boys got a little impatient and just had to start being Santa.

So we had three Santa’s in the house.


Everybody arguing and guessing who got which.


 Mei Fenn was delighted to receive TWO presents! We all wished we got her Santa!


Ai Phing couldn’t stand WAITING to ope her present she just had to ask “CAN I OPEN IT NOW”. Of course we all denied the request pfft. Everybody had to open it one by one and had to guess who Santa was. The funniest part of the whole session is that we all could guess who bought what just by seeing which item they chose.


My gift was pretty heavy when I shook it abit – wonder what is it!


First one to go – Syazwan! Melissa got him this year (she got Wawan last year too!) and was totally lost as to what to get for him so she asked for some help. Did some stalking and found out that he was looking for a pair of lifting gloves! Mel quickly went to get them and his face when he unwrapped was priceless. All he could say was “O.M.G”. Believe it or not he wore the pair of gloves throughout the whole dinner. Hilarious!  Thanks to his huge hint he left on Instagram his Santa managed to get a good gift :)


 Mei Fenn got FIVE shoeboxes and a photoframe with us in the photo. Her Secret Santa was no other than her #gbff Noel. I love shoe compartments, or any compartments actually. So I was SO HAPPY in her place. I wish my Secret Santa got me shoe boxes too.


I absolutely do not excel in wrapping gifts, and unwrapping them either. I knew who it was from once I opened it cause Mei Fenn now works in Tony Moly. And I got my Aloe Vera gels and masks. She was getting highly concerned that I wasn’t using anything for my face (cause skin is aging from now, apparently) so she was determined to get everything aloe vera for me. Thanks!


Jocelyn had a couple of things on her wishlist too – and she got that one that was at the bottom of her list, and it suit her SO WELL. An oversized jumper from HnM by Syazwan! It was the perfect item to be on Jocelyn. What a foxy. The other items Jo had on her list was a snapback, and some aloe vera gel. I think Wawan picked well though.


Alexa requested for cookies/brownies, giftcards, mug with xmas messages, candles or a notebook with a nice cover. She got a cute and presentable notebook of A5 size from Jocelyn. Love love Typo gifts! I guess Alexa didn’t really want a pony after all :P


Finally it was Ai Phing’s turn – and she got her dream mug! Such a sweet colour that Nick went high and low to search for. Did you know it takes alot of trouble to look for a pink mug. No? Me too. Ai Phing finally has a mug for the office, with a cute little cover to boot!


Forever optmistic Nick!

His wishlist was also granted (among gift cards, environment friendly mug, notebooks)  - his Secret Santa got him three different notebook of various sizes. Man, I could also use that!


Noel was the last to go, but was the only one who didn’t have any of his wishlist items granted. He asked for either an angpau OR a Christmas Tree. His Secret Santa Ai Phing thought it was too odd to just buy a Christmas Tree so she got him body wash and a box of chocolates.


 Dinner for the night : Sukiyaki!


I forced my Sukiyaki into a nabe where we boil down the rice and make it into porridge like texture. It was sukiyaki so the soup was extremely salty/sweet so we ended up pouring a whole glass of warm water to dilute the taste a little. Turned out perfect!


 My very own colleague turned ohana!


Can’t choose which photo to post so I’m just going to put up both of them

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Favorite Month of The Year In A Nutshell : November!

Hello there.

I feel like I only update the blog once a month and each time I go on a streak it is so frequent. I sometimes do admit I get lazy to extract photos to upload and such but looking at my archives reminds me about the times I don’t remember I’ve ever had and I want to continue blogging as much as I can although I know most of my readers have probably gone over the years! It has been about 2 years or more since I was last inactive.
Anyway I’m just going to do a little update and show you some things I’ve done over the past few days I’ve been missing! You will probably see why I run out of things to talk about – and I wonder where’d my content come from when I was younger because I was even more constrained in within the walls of school and home.

Now that I’m grown up I feel like there should be so much more coming from me. Probably people imagine my life to be of fine wine, long dresses, drinks, product reviews – but my life HAS gone toned down so much (from nothing actually) because a huge part of my excitement since I was 18 has always been being away from the country. Being in the country means I spend more time at home because transportation is such a hassle, and that also means less social life, less time out, less interesting stories to share.

First off, November has always been close to heart cause I was named after it’s initials, also cause I was born on this eleventh month of the year. Over the years, November babies have always gotten teased for being Valentines babies – nothing wrong with that. I just think like to think we’re lucky enough to be brought to earth before the jolly and festive month of December! This month has been quite a deciding month for me to go big leaps, and take a step out of my comfort zone so let’s hope decisions made this month will be a blessing :)

Now now let’s get to what’s been up.

1. Vivien & Cindy’s Food Party

Always look forward to attending this duo’s party every year because they are probably the only friends that I have who ALWAYS make themed parties. This year we had it at Cindy’s place so that everybody can just chill and grub. That BBQ area in her house was perfect too. I love BBQ areas and have always wished my house had that kinda thing so I could host small gatherings and parties. I think I’m the type that likes people to come by and have a chit chat over good food.

This years team was food – so we could go all food crazy. I went as a watermelon! :)






2. Keratin Hair Treatment

Had my hair undergo a Keratin Hair Treatment kindly done by The Salon Hair Workshop in Cyberjaya. For those who are looking to do an affordable Brazillian Hair Treatment in KL – you can look into their site. These treatments only go from RM 200 – 300! The usual hair salons are charging at RM 600 so if you want to try it out first before you go all expensive, these people give you the real deal but at a lower price. The reason why it’s slightly cheaper is because they don’t use KERASTESE, which is the defining price factor for many places. But what you want is just to get the job done, and I’m just gonna show you how it looks right after!




3. City Harvest CHROMEHEART

Got invited by my friends to watch this and was especially persuaded by Careen and Jean because both of them kept going on about how I had to watch it. They were serious about getting people there to experience watching the play for themselves because it was ‘magical’, and gosh it was! Did not regret going there any second into the show and is fully grateful to Jean for picking me up all the way from Putrajaya! Lots of love!

Here are some photos but they are at super low rest cause I took them with my phone.





4. Pre-Birthday dinner with Careen

This woman and I have our birthdays only 2 days apart and we were more than happy to celebrate it together. Pavilion’s always the best place to go to if we want to eat in a good environment and Tony Romas was the hosting venue of our dinner! We arrived at the place at 7.30 but talked till they switched off the aircond! No wonder we were sweating halfway towards the end.

Check out every yummy wallah we ate!





5. I am 24!

I have JUST turned 24! Spent the day with some of my closest friends who I can almost call family and dearest people around me, my real family. In the morning, I was out at karaoke at Red Box Plus in Gardens, because I knew I had a free pass to the buffet and to sing a whole session for FREE! Boy, when it comes to this time of the year – I always whip out ALL my member cards to see what I can get for free from brands that I go to often! This year I was eyeing on Red Box, Starbucks and BOOST! I Love Boost Juice and I have been collecting points like a crazy maniac just to get a free juice. Marketings works on me, alright. So I planned my dinner to be at somewhere I can claim my juice – Pavilion!

Every year without fail I always choose to have Thai food, good Thai food for dinner. This year I chose to eat at Celadon in Pavilion, and I was surely satisfied. Was SO stuffed after, and because I STILL wanted my Boost – I recommended walking around with the family just for a bit before we head home. We walked around for abit for too long that the folks all wanted to have tea, so we sat down at another cafe and ordered cakes and teas. I was even more stuffed. But I triumphed through all that – and still fought for my Strawberry Squeeze.

So I got Nick to take a photo with me and my redeemed Boost Juice. But he quickly got embarrassed for having such a sister but reluctantly took one for me after loads of questioning. 24 year old girl wants her free Boost, what’s wrong!





And then there was dinner with my family! Love love love Thai food so much I could go everyday with it. If I had to choose between Thai and Korean, Thai would DEFINITELY take the cake. Korean comes close, but Thai just give me that soury taste I love :)









DSC03597After getting my Boost, and Nick’s best shot – because he just simply took one to satisfy me and my proof of free Boost


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Releasing Turtles In Cherating!


DSC03152 (Large)

Hello everybody!

This is going to be a fairly interesting post that I believe most of the animal loving adventure seekers will like to read about. It’s one of my favorite experiences with relevance to animals by far. Before we go further, just a quick recap on what led us here at Cherating during the weekend. My family and I went for a getaway to spend omoni’s birthday away from the hustle bustle of the city. We looked up places to stay and found there to be the Impiana Hotel, apart from Club Med. The rest seemed to have less good reviews so we decided on Impiana Resort at last.

It was a smooth 3 hour ride with short stops in between. It’s been awhile since I took the back seat (pun intended) so it felt absolutely luxurious to sleep like Business Class at the back of my dad’s ride with an airline blanket draped all over me.  We first got to the restaurant in the resort because we skipped breakfast as we headed out late from home!

DSC03028 (Large)

I stared at this photo for so long because I’m so amazed at the clarity!

DSC03031 (Large)

I was in the mood for lasagna this morning and when this came I was even hungrier! It looks SO good. But one bite into it, I ate 4-5 more and left it aside. It was hands down the worst lasagne I’ve ever had. Never ever order this.

DSC03066 (Large)

We took a stroll around the empty resort on a Friday afternoon. Nobody was there  - we had the beach to ourselves and found this little tyre to play with.

DSC03040 (Large)

Happy dad

DSC03055 (Large)

Excited omoni

DSC03063 (Large)

Scared Natalie

DSC03083 (Large)

 Got to learn the hang of it after a few times – but it takes alot of arm strength, which I have none of.

DSC03088 (Large)

They also had this area full of flags. Someone can enlighten me  on what this area is probably for if not to see if there’s wind.

DSC03098 (Large)

Probably a good place to take photos, I thought.

DSC03107 (Large)


We rented bikes for RM 25 for two hours. It seemed like it was going to rain so we asked if we could do a hour, and come back the next day to redeem. The staff kindly said YES! We ended up using all two hours anyway. It was also a good reunion with my Biking Balance. It’s been a year since I’ve been no a bicycle.

DSC03103 (Large)

Clearly edited the colour of the photo but only cause I always love red and green put together in photos!

DSC03105 (Large)

DSC03096 (Large)

They also had this place where you could play handball/volleyball by the beach. The place was really SO empty I could take shots like these.

DSC03115 (Large)

She said “Don’t take my photo!”. I did.

We walked around the area for quite a bit waiting for 6.45PM because we had booked to release little sea turtles back into the sea for RM 15 each. My parents, brother and I all got one to release so at least we let four into its nature. At first I was completely stoked to be doing this for them – it made me feel very happy! Money also goes to charity, to the preservation of the turtles from Club Med so it was a super feel good activity to do. I was wondering where’d they get the turtles for us, turned out they were keeping these babies in a chiller box to be chosen by the releasers everyday. There was easily about 30-40 of them in the box and we were even wondering if there was a package price to release ALL of these babies into the sea at once.

We were to wait till release time so that the sky is no longer as bright in order to prevent possible predators to see the babies when they are at sea and get them killed. So we had some dessert about half an hour before activity time.

DSC03124 (Large)

We got two ice kacangs and man, were they huge! Only at RM 10 each. In a resort, I must say that’s a pretty good price

ABC (Large)

 Absolutely huge – we could have just ordered one to share.

And then it was time to release the baby sea turtles! Little penyu’s we call them. You don’t always get to do this all year round, there are seasons. We apparently just missed the egg laying season where you can all wake up early in the morning (or stay late enough) to watch the mother turtle come on shore to lay eggs. These turtles apparently always come back to where they were born and released, and everytime they lay eggs they always tear cause of the pain.

All of us who signed up gathered around the staff who gave us a short brief on the turtles. On this day, there were about 7 turtles that was scheduled to be released. They put in about 10 in that pale and we all had to choose one that we wanted to release. The remaining ones I felt horrible for leaving them there, but how many can you let go?

DSC03126 (Large)

DSC03128 (Large)

They were only about 4 days old

DSC03130 (Large)

 He was telling us how the stomach is very fragile so we should all only hold the turtles by the side of its shell. Hold it vertically, not horizontally in between your finger tips.

DSC03135 (Large)

 I’m not a turtle expert, but doesn’t its eyes look slightly under developed? Like a layer still hasn’t fully peeled off yet.

DSC03131 (Large)

DSC03136 (Large)

Then it was time to choose the turtles of our choice. When it comes to these things I always think a little too far back, and imagine maybe this turtle’s spirit has saved me from past life and now I am the chosen on to return the favor to release it back into nature pfft. Do you all think like this too? Or maybe I’m just crazy.

DSC03139 (Large)

Don’t worr we did not torture the turtles! Photo taking session was only about a minute before we had to quickly release them into the sea

DSC03142 (Large)

 My little chosen one. It was so active, waddling and pushing away my fingers with all its might! Strong one

DSC03146 (Large)

I think it’s quite funny how people distant themselves from animals when they are picking it up!

DSC03153 (Large)

Mom’s lazy little turtle, not even struggling to paddle out from grasp

DSC03159 (Large)

And then it was time to go!

Honestly I felt a little melancholy because we were briefed that their chance of living is even lesser than 5%. This is because they are still too young and do not know how to dive into the water and save themselves from danger. Letting them out into the sea only leaves them prone to predators like flying eagles or sea creatures from below who can gobble them up in a second. I really wanted to release the rest of the turtles in the chiller box earlier, but having heard this I just wanted to give them a little more time to grow up so that the develop diving skills. But this is nature, and they only belong here.

DSC03162 (Large)

Ready! Get set! Go!

DSC03165 (Large)

My little one charging forth, the first among the crowd. Hopefully its a good sign of its survival! /teary

DSC03167 (Large)

This was mom’s and one of it’s legs seemed to not be working so it slowly trampled its way towards the sounds of the ocean. I was THIS close to picking it up and swapping it with another. How can you let a slightly disabled one into the sea just like that? I was stopped, but honestly felt wished so hard inside that it would survive!


DSC03168 (Large)

The closer it got into the ocean, the faster it paddled it way! Back home.

DSC03170 (Large)

And then a wave came by, and ALL of them got swept and pulled into the ocean. You can still see one of its heads popping up at the centre of the photo.That little dot black there. So happy to see its head poking out like that. It was goodbye.

DSC03174 (Large)

Another wave crashed and they were all finally out of sight. We said our final goodbyes and wished them the best!

Went to bed that night wondering if my little turtle was still alive – and I have a strong feeling it was.

Absolutely one of the more interesting things I’ve done lately – hopefully you care to try it out at least once too.

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Pre-Halloweens @ Connection Pavilion






Hello all – this must be one of my most updated posts in forever. Haven’t been so efficient in blogging for years – still remember the days when I used to come home all tired from an event and still blogged about it before i went to bed. That was how dedicated I was to blogging! But anyway, the special occasion of pronto bloggerizza today is because we had a very special treat by Pavilion KLand if I’m late the season will be over but I must share some few yummy treats with you guys.

One of my favorite PJ peeps came all over to KL so we can have some nom nom at Connection in Pavilion KL (the  level that has the bridge connecting to KLCC!). I seldom get to the area at night because it gets a little crowded but for those who loves people watching the place is perfect for you! Johnny Rockets also recently opened so we could hear the crew dancing to Gangnam Style every 30 minutes. Got to know that the place closes at 3AM unlike any other corner in Pavi - makes sense, with all the pubs in the area.

We first went to Michelangelo’s for some drinks. We were introduced to their latest Halloween cocktail, the Green Goblin’s Snot (RM 18.90)! It had Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Lime and a secret ingredient that was SO well blended I couldn’t taste it.  It was my biggest enemy of all ingredients but you couldn’t taste it at all! We took so much time just taking photos of the drinks looking at it – the ghory eyeballs was, I must say, quite an interesting to start of the evening.





 Green Goblin Snot @ Michaelangelo’s

We spent about 40 minutes in there and some were already getting a little tipsy. The thing about our group is that I think we all don’t have high tolerance of alcohol so we were already toning down from controlling the alcohol from getting to us or either just extremely giddy and happy! Stopped for a group photo with the deco’s at the area. The team asked for a funny photo and this was our best shot. Do you see the little happy pumpkin lanterns on top?



Better view of them!


If you hashtag #freakorfeast your photo goes up to the extremely huge screen in Pavi!

For free proposal screen hoggers this is it! This is your chance!


After all the photo hooha ,we made our way to Morganfield’s for our main course above Michaelangelo.



 We took the Ham Ó’Ween set and oh boy that lamb was SO filling! Exactly like the photo there were three slobs of lamb for you to grind on – but for those who wanna take this set, you may have to make sure you’re there with a group of quality friends because they took pretty long to serve our table of 10.


haloween collage


Waiting for our meals, we all had a round of pumpkin soup to suit the Halloween party theme.


And a round of  fruit punch that consists of lime kiwi and strawberry! My absolute FAVORITE combination of fruits apart from banana strawberry. I WILL order this the next time I come here.



Main course of finally came after SO many conversations. I loved how it tasted but there was just a little bit too much of fats in my serving. Loved how they “stabbed” the knife into the capsicum too. I think my sworn festival of the year should be Halloween – there were SO many capsicums everywhere in the menu! If I lived in a country that thoroughly celebrated Halloween I must be 5 kgs skinner pre and post season.



Lastly we had a great chocolatey serving of cake with melting ice cream on top. I didn’t have mine cause I was so full from the lamb – but the rest who ate it mentioned that it was EXTREMELY chocolatey and rich so whoever who has a tongue for these things, you know where to find yours.


They were extremely hospitable and made sure we were all happy with our food and that every thing was okay. We also got ourselves one of these little pampering products from Crabtree & Evelyn before we wrapped up the night – because who walks away empty handed when they come to Pavilion? Nobody.

And that was just about one of the most exciting gatherings in  many months because I’ve never tried restaurant hopping if not in Malacca!

Catch you guys soon!


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Gold Coast : Surfers Paradise (and the rest of Brisbane)

Finally I come to my last post for one of my favorite getaways in a long time!

We spent out last day in Gold Coast at the vicinity of Surfers Paradise before we got on the train home. Time passed super quickly and I was dreading the thought of going home. Everything about Gold Coast was great, except for the fact that residents seemed to be a little more racist than the friendly ones in Brisbane! Nevertheless, we still enjoyed being there while we were at it because the end of Gold Coast was marking the end of our Australia trip! We took a walk at the city in the morning and was all ready to get to the beach. We didn’t change into swimwears because the weather was half chilly and half warm – it was a vague borderline to decide if we would want to swim in the sea. Then again, I’m not a fan of walking into deep depths of water so I never brought any swimwear anyway.

We woke up to a moody Sze Ye – but Ginny still got all three of us to take photos in her onesies. The daughter of the owners of the house was delighted to see us wake up in the onesies so we were more than happy to prance around the house in them. She is four. For those who are questioning why were we in onesies – here’s a funny story.

We all brought our on PJs to wear during bedtime – but from the first night we realised that the homestay’s warm water had run out and it was FREEZING. The temperature in Gold Coast dropped to about 8 degrees (and worst, wind was strong) and because we had gotten back home late – the other people who stayed in the house had used up the quota for all the warm water! The heat storage was also getting cold cause of the sudden temperature drop. At the end we ended up having to shower in cold cold water. I think it was actually an acceptable temperature if the shower was taken in a Malaysian climate – but taking it in such a cold weather was horrible! I had my own PJs and although I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to put myself in a onesie (we were warned before the trip by Ginny) – oh my, were those onesies the saviour of the night! They were so warm and comfortable to sleep in, it was almost like they were an extra blanket.

The next morning I woke up to the high pitch squeals of the little girl because she was so excited to see little ‘animals’  the house. I was the last to wake up so when I did my final entrace she was so excited! Suddenly it felt like I was the star of the day pfft. Ginny wanted us to take some photos before we left (there probably wouldn’t be another day we would be caught in a onesie) so we did!



Grumpy little Sze Ye from her horrible sleep the night before


Our host family had a little dog at the backyard for us to play with. We wanted to put keep her in the house from the horrible cold the night before, but it wasn’t really our place to let animals in.


Morphing into our real identities.




After that, we cleaned up and headed straight for Surfer’s Paradise. Took the bus there – probably under 20 minutes.


Tramway –  I have a thing for trams. Still amused by how its a train but also a bus at the same time.


Arrived at Surfers Beach!


Aaah – breath in breath out.  Clean beach clean sand.







After that we got to get some good Austra…

Halfway typing that I realised I had a memory lapse and I don’t remember having any of the meals below. So we probably just went to have lunch somewhere nearby.

Oh wait, now I remember. We went to this place nearby that had really good value meal sets!


Ginny had a prawn salad (just captioning as it is) but I remember it was quite good and prawns were fresh and chewy!


I had a beef wrap. I think I remember it being a little dry but it didn’t matter – meat wraps in huge portions! Green light! Green light!


 We didn’t spend too long in the city as we had to rush home

Ginny asked if the hosts would be able to give us a lift to the train station and they willingly said yes! I would definitely recommend staying in their house if you ever go to Gold Coast – best host and house ever. We made such good friends with their daughter (whom I have shamelessly forgotten what her name was) and the nearer we were to the station, she became more quiet and started to not say anything as we came close to saying goodbye. When we were at the station, she was so upset that we were leaving that she didn’t even want to get down the car to send us off.




Sean was an amazing host!


It was a fairly long ride so nobody was in our carriage for the first few stops


And I was doing what I do best (yes I sleep with my eyes partly opened!)


 Hungry hungry for food. We wanted big big portions so we decided that Asian was the way to go. Vietnamese it was.


Hungry and sleepy Natalie always comes with smeared eyeliner.

After dinner we craved cheese so we had some nachos with cheese. We ordered the kids meal because it was the only simply dish with nachos and cheese. The rest had other toppings which costed a lot more.

(Okay honestly speaking, I don’t even know if this post is chronogically right – I’m just creating the story as we go pfft please forgive me girls)




Satisfying the fatty aspects in us

DSC01969Ooze it out! Ooze it out

The next morning we decided to walk around the city as it was our last day in Brisbane! We went to places we’ve walked through the past days but it was our last day so we just wanted to use it to its fullest and go to corners of the city we haven’t been to before. We also went to the Farmers Market where they sell yum yum food and some other stuff you can use at home.


At the end of our trip, Sze Ye was a pro Go Pro officer,


At this point of the photo I realized I lost my scarf and i NEEDED to find it because I borrowed it from Omoni. So many things was going on my mind while taking the photo. “Did I wear it out today?” “How did it fall without me noticing” But of course, the photo comes first.



It was a kids arts festival so there were so many activities going around









We also went to the Farmers Market (honestly don’t remember before or after) and got a taste of some foreign bakeries.  I’ve always seen Benji from ItsJudysLife talk about Farmers Market and I remember thinking I wish I can get to see one of these. It’s kind of a like a wet market back home in KL but just a lot cleaner and organised?







One was for about $5 – thats RM 15 for one little round doughnut. But I really wanted to eat it!





 We sat down to finish our food like a local. Enjoying the Australian life (or pretending the live it)

After that we headed over to have a proper Australian brunch (what is brunch of not a proper Australian brunch!) because we never had any of those for the past week we were in Australia. But it was such a waste that we chose to go on this day because I was already half full from all the food at the Farmers Market. We had a lot of dough in our stomachs by the time we headed for brunch.



Went to what was supposed to be one of the most famous brunch restaurants


I was TOO full to finish brunch with a smile


This was mine. Looks so small to me now that I’m blogging about it – but man it was huge for my appetite that day.


L1000397Miss Ginny Yap giving her most layan smile that ever existed

We went back tired and prepare for the next early morning ride home. The next morning we woke at about 3AM to head out the bus station. Our van that was supposed to take us to the airport didn’t arrive till it was 20 past 5 so we were halfway panicking about if they were ever going to come. They did of course, and most of the passengers were Malaysians. We greeted each other by not greeting each other and just slept all the way to the airport.

And THAT marks the end of  my AUSTRALIAN trip!

Thanks Sze Ye for being such an amazing host, and would not have experienced Brisbane if ít wasn’t for you :D

Gold Coast : Sea World – Being 1058′ ft High!


Good Morning!

It’s another new day in Gold Coast and we were headed for Sea World and the Q1 tower today. Took the bus as usual and while waiting for it to come we went on to a photo taking frenzy. That’s what happens when you travel with a group of girls :)


We had the flare right behind us so we were experimenting on ways people do selfies. Heré’s the gun under the chin – but Sze Ye was too shy!


Arrived at the Q1 Tower quite quickly! (img cred : sunloverhols)

We paid for a whole day (two separate sessions). Tried using my student card but didn’t realize it had expired.  You could choose between the morning session or the evening session – depending on what you’d like to see. Prices don’t vary TOO much – and since we didn’t have anywhere to go for the evening we decided to just buy the packaged ticket so we could come back again after visiting Sea World. Came early in the morning because weather was clear and it was the best time to go up! We were sent up 77/78 floors high and I did NOT regret buying the tickets. It is admittedly one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve seen from a tall building – you’ll see why in a bit!


What is this!! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it – HOW CAN THE SEA BE SO CLEAN?!


Trying to reenact my own expression


So damn breathtaking!



I took this photo through a glass – but weather was so damn clear and air was clean, this looks like I took it from an open balcony!



The tower had WiFi for guests so we were all hogging onto it to post photos!

After spending about an hour here we headed straight to Sea World! Didn’t know what to expect but I think I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Mister Walrus to welcome us!


There was also a place for us to look at penguins from down under (under water level) and also when they’re all resting above  at the bay.



 I just captioned this as “Little Shark nyam nyam” – then I realised I never saw a shark out in the open like this pfft.

So anyway, little dolphin nyam nyam.









The show!


Got into the souvenir shops to get Sze Ye a hat because it was so hot!


 Getting friendly with some starfish – we got to touch some gel like species that looked like a pot brush. Felt so weird.



 Got in here so Ginny can register herself for her own diving activity. We both didn’t do it. For those who are interested, you probably have to sign up before walking in.



 Flowers from Ginny’s camera. I think although I’m not so much of a flower person, I appreciate clean and white flower.


Mr polar beat was up and getting his morning swim



Spent a good 15 minutes just staring at it!

We left at about 5 probably, spent about 3-4 hours in the place. Wanted to grab a bite of the Fish and Chips and Sea World because it’s apparently really good – but we missed it! It was open when we first arrived . I guess its a heads up for those who wants to head thre.

A few hours after that, we headed back to the tower to catch the sunset!We were rushing – and it really felt like we barely made it! Phew. But yes we still got to walk around the platform for about 5 minutes before the sun started setting. There were alot more people during sunset than in the morning, and the worst part is everybody would be cluttered at one side of the 360 platform because that’s where the sun is setting!

I managed to grab a space (lost sight of the other two) so I took so many photos. It’s not the first time witnessing sunset, but looking at it from such a height and with such good view was pretty cool. I don’t need to do this again (my eyes hurt like beejeezuz staring right at it) but it was worth the money I suppose.






The night skyline of Gold Coast T-T Rims of waves in gold – is that why its called Gold Coast?  Never ever saw such a beautiful sight-  not even the Shanghai Tower could beat this. Lights were just SO clear!

Right after that we got ourselves a platter to eat at the cafe (there’s no time limit – you hang as long as you want). One of the most filling platters I’ve had – I forgot how much this was, but I remember it was well worth the price in Aussie dollars. Perfect to share among 3 girls – or just with another person with a good appetite. Seafood was fresh and chips were filling enough incase the seafood wasn’t enough.


And that wrapped the end of the day!

Hopefully I get to do a wrap up of the trip by the next post!

Gold Coast : Dream World

Finally headed to Gold Coast for some beach and sunshine. It was supposedly “winter” but weather was still alright as the sun during daytime was pretty strong. We headed for Gold Coast by the train, after stressful efforts to make 9 trips in within Brisbane with the public transport, so we get the GC trip free. Apparently if you make 9 trips and above with the transportation card, public transport is free for the rest of the week. We arrived on a weekend so that all those trips were made in vain. Quickly topped up trips in within Brisbane just for this trip because tickets to Gold Coast was a little higher.

Woke up early in the morning and rushed to the train station. Sze Ye forgot her transportation pass so she had to rush back (3 minutes walk away from the station). We missed the first train anyway so we had another 30 minutes more to burn in the station. Finally got onto one – and voila, there was WiFi. Time to upload some photos from the day before.


Grabbin some extra sleep while waiting for the train


Everyone with sleepy faces and me appreciating WiFi.

We booked a room from one of the houses in AirBnB – it was an extremely good stay as the hosts were very friendly and accommodating! It wasn’t tough to find their place at all with the help of some GPS. Our bus station was about 7 minutes walk away from the place so I must say it was quite convenient for us to make our way in and out of the area. Neighborhood was quiet but not dead – as neighbors were just taking walks and dogs were just outside the houses for us to walk by and pet. Cars were speeding quite a bit I must say – but nothing too dangerous.


Just like how I would love it! This IS the Australia I had in mind.

When we finally found the place – we were SO happy because it was such a clean house. We were provided towels, for both face and body and had a chocolate bar to boot. Bear in mind the place was the residence of our host, and they are actually living in the house themselves. Parents with two young daughters and one or two more who already moved out. They left the keys to us and went out of the house before we arrived. I had a minor shock – these people were so trusting. I cant imagine that happening to a Malaysian household. Leaving the keys under the mat for a stronger to walk in.


Super clean bedroom :) We could walk around the house as we like, but we mostly stayed in


Had our own TV too, which is also why we didn’t need to walk out much except for when we need to use the bathroom. Also, milk bread and fruits were free to consume in our private refrigerator. We really felt at home.


The family had a pool that we could use too, but weather didn’t allow the luxury of that. It was not freezing, but a few degrees below appropriate level to swim pfft.

After settling down, we all decided to get to Movie World before the day after so we could have more time to loiter around the city. Took some time to finally decide if we wanted to go because it was already 12 or so in the afternoon, just a few hours before Movie World would be closing – and it takes about an hour or so to travel our way to the place. Sze Ye decided to stay, so Ginny and I went on our own – promising to meet in the city for dinner. Sze Ye also bought tickets but we all got annual passes so it didn’t matter if she didn’t go anyway.



 Paparazzi shot by Ginny – if I didn’t mess the timeline of my photos wrong. On the way to Movie World.


Here we are!


 Just realized we were polka dot synced!


Welcome to Movie World – and I found my childhood friend Mr.Piggy from Looney Tunes!



Saw the studio and was jumping at heart because I thought we could walk in it to see how they did all the animation. Turned out it was closed :(


Walked around for quite a bit and back to the centre of the the place, only to find the areas being blocked by barricades and throngs of people seemed to be sitting down and waiting for something to happen. We didn’t hear of anything so both of us didn’t know what to expect. Asked around and apparently there was a parade happening! We made it just on time before it started – what luck. Most of the characters were out in their own signature vehicles :)



I love Warner Bros! Such chilhood – my heart was beating quite fast. I felt like a fan girl in a Kpop concert. But not so much after this whole thing because I attempted taking a photo with Bugs Bunny – who then (hopefully) accidentally boobed me. Meow.


Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you! :D


 We tried taking a photo of the train right behind us – I guess this was good enough.



We went on the Spooky Coaster, which was probably the Scooby Dooby Doo ride. Totally unexpected ride that was. The line was filled with kids and parents –  we were holding bags and cameras so we thought this was definitely a safe ride with all those lugs. We were wrong. It started of quite and innocent, just another merry-go-round kind of ride along animated dim litted caves. The ride came to a pause at one point and the kids infront of me was already screaming. We knew something was going to come, but didn’t know what to expect!

Ginny’s bag was half open in between her legs so she was praying that it’s nothing too drastic. Suddenly, VOOM! We were sped backwards at super speed and before we could digest what was happening (in between grabbing all our stuff in between our legs), it was this huge open space area of all the separates speeding down rails from afar. Our rides were quite steep and cornerings were quite sharp. Somewhere in between one of us shouted “I THOUGHT THIS WAS A KIDS RIDE!!!”. Guess not. Half the time we were just worried about Ginny’s gadget bag that was half open cause the zipper malfunctioned under pressure.

After the ride we spend a good 10 minutes just trying to fix it. Or just Ginny actually. I was just – recharging from all that Scooby Doo shock.


” I’m sure I can fix this! Give me some time!”


 Batman time! (There wasn’t much to see)


 I think she is sad because we couldn’t get in the studio. Was extremely excited when we saw it.


If you’re into some Merry Go Round


Saw this when we went in but right before we left I just knew I had to take this! Ginny was not a roller coaster kind of person cause she’s afraid of heights. So I made the ultimate decision to take it alone, just a little bit before they closed! We had to wait about 30-45 minutes so Ginny waited for me outside alone in the cold. So touched! But I must say, good thing I went on it – because I would be regretting it up till today otherwise. It was an extremely speedy ride, you could barely remember anything that happened. It shoots right out of the cave, I had a little bit of a spoiler as I was sitting next to a dad who was on the ride for the third time or something with his kids. Got through the long lines actually because I was a solo rider .



Look at that steep drop!




One of the areas that seemed pretty abandoned.

Looked like one of the places they could use to shoot movies, nothing was going on here – don’t know what the space was for. Not many walked pass the area too – but it was pretty to take some photos. Pictures would have looked a little more attractive if I edited the colours and contrast a bit to give the place some justice, but that’s really a lot of work guys.







 Saying goodbye to the theme park. Sky was getting dark, and we had to run to catch our bus to meet Sze Ye in time back in the city


The two ladies recommended that Korean food in Aussie was one of the best outside Korea. So we attempted to get some of these slurps – pretty good decision on a cold night. Weather was getting chillier and chillier!


Some good jjigae to warm my tummy. Costs alot more to eat this here than back home – but I have to say it’s all worth it!


All full and happy :D But definitely getting tired.


 That’s all for today – goodnight everybody :)